This is the official U.S. web site for Arolo Tifar and the Reiki Association International. The R.A.I. offers a variety of different workshops. The main focus of this web site, however, is to present Arolo Tifar to the energy medicine community in the United States.

Arolo Tifar is an ancient healing method that was rediscovered in the early 1990’s in Germany by Eckard Strohm. The words Arolo Tifar mean, one who has balanced the internal and the external. Mr. Strohm believes that both Reiki and Arolo Tifar have their origins as far back as Atlantis, where they represented two aspects of the same healing method. Arolo is considered the active part of Reiki. Reiki is passive, since the practitioner's main focus is to be a clear channel through which healing energy may be transmitted. Arolo Tifar is active, because it requires the practitioner’s participation to identify the root cause of the illness or disorder (i.e. performing an analysis and explaining the results). Arolo Tifar and Reiki are complementary and extremely beneficial when utilized together in a healing session.

Arolo Tifar is unique as a healing method because of its special system of analysis. This analysis enables the practitioner to determine where the root cause of the illness is located (in the material, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual field) so it may be treated directly. It will differentiate between the root cause and the symptoms. This is extremely important because the symptoms are always visible and the root cause is generally not. It is very difficult and timely for complete healing to occur while treating only the symptoms. Questions regarding the origin of illnesses and/or the source of specific difficulties may be clarified through the Arolo analysis as well. This analysis is especially useful for disorders that may be otherwise difficult to diagnose such as depressions, addictions, insomnia and phobias. The actual Arolo Tifar treatment utilizes one of the most elevated flows of energy available to humanity at this time.

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