The Arolo Tifar

As a healing method, Arolo Tifar balances the individual at the core of his/her being to allign them with their true essence.

The energetic system of analysis allows the Arolo practitioner to determine where the root cause of the problem or illness is located (in the material, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual fields) so it may be treated directly. The analysis will also indicate karmic processes (periods of accelerated evolution). The results of the analysis serve as a map, which reveals the hidden story leading up to an illness or disorder. The actual Arolo therapy utilizes one of the most elevated flows of divine energy that human beings are able to access.

What does a therapy consist of?

The therapy consists of a analysis to locate the root cause of the malfunction and determine what secondary fields (symptoms) are affected. Channeled energy is then directed to the root field or removed from it (depending if there is a lack or an excess of energy in the root field). Arolo Tifar treatments (on the master level) utilize two amethysts cubes and two quartz cubes. These four stones interconnect creating a "laser web," which balances and realigns the individual at his/her core being. After the treatment, the results of the analysis and all information obtained are explained to clarify the healing process at hand. Questions regarding the origin of physical conditions and/or the source of specific difficulties may be clarified as well. Suggestions for personal follow-up work may also be given.

The Arolo Tifar therapy serves to:

- Provide important information regarding the cause of an illness or disorder
- Calm anxiety and fear during periods of change
- Heal emotional and psychological wounds
- Access hidden potential
- Balance mind, body and spirit
- Release genetically inherited social, mental or emotional patterns

The therapy requires approximately an hour and a half.

Price: $ 90

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Long Distance Treatments

The fact that Arolo Tifar operates on a spiritual / energetic level places it beyond the limitations of physical space, thus enabling the possibility of long-distance healings.

What is needed for an Arolo Tifar long distance treatment?

The person's full name, birth date and the town and state in which he/she lives (street address is not necessary). An hour must be coordinated so that both the practitioner and client are consciously focused on the healing simultaneously.

To request an Arolo Tifar therapy for another person, it is necessary to have their permission.

What does a treatment consist of?

The treatment time is 1 ½ hours. The analysis will be made during the first fifteen minutes. The actual treatment will take about an hour and fifteen minutes.

A one page review of all information accessed and all energetic work performed will be sent by e-mail following the treatment. Suggestions and ideas for personal follow-up work may also be made.

During two days after the treatment, Pamela will follow-up on each individual (long distance) in case deeper levels of the themes worked on during the treatment become accessible and able to be released.

Long distance treatments offer the same results as treatments performed in person.

Price: $ 85

To request detailed information and ask for a long distance treatment, please contact Pamela (


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