Arolo Tifar

The Healing Art of the Atlantean Masters

Arolo Tifar is an ancient healing method that was rediscovered in the early 1990’s in Germany by Eckard Strohm. The words Arolo Tifar mean, one who has balanced the internal and the external.

What is the connection between Arolo Tifar and Reiki?

Mr. Strohm believes that both Reiki and Arolo Tifar have their origins as far back as Atlantis, where they represented two aspects of the same healing method. Arolo is considered the active part of Reiki. Reiki is passive, since the practitioner's main focus is to be a clear channel through which healing energy may be transmitted. Arolo Tifar is active, because it requires the practitioner’s participation to identify the root cause of the illness or disorder (i.e. performing an analysis and explaining the results). Arolo Tifar and Reiki are complementary and extremely beneficial when utilized together in a healing session.

What is unique about Arolo Tifar as an energy healing method?

In the 1990’s scientists discovered that dolphins possess the ability to communicate among each other telepathically. They are able to determine, with great accuracy, the state of health and emotional disposition of other dolphins, even at great distances. The basis of this system served, in the civilization of Atlantis, as a foundation for the Arolo analysis.

Arolo Tifar is unique as a healing method because of its special system of analysis. This analysis enables the practitioner to determine where the root cause of the illness is located (in the material, energetic, emotional, mental or spiritual field) so it may be treated directly. It will differentiate between the root cause and the symptoms. This is extremely important because the symptoms are always visible and the root cause is generally not. It is very difficult and timely for complete healing to occur while treating only the symptoms. Questions regarding the origin of illnesses and/or the source of specific difficulties may be clarified through the Arolo analysis as well. This analysis is especially useful for disorders that may otherwise be difficult to diagnose such as depressions, addictions, insomnia and phobias.

How is the Arolo Tifar analysis performed?

The Arolo Tifar analysis is not a muscle test, nor is it a form of divination. At the first and second level, the analysis explores the five fields of the body with a series of digital codes or mudras (one for each field). The practitioner touches the individual’s forehead (6th chakra) with his/her fingers in the mudra position, one field at a time. This transmits an electrical impulse in the form of a question that is sent to the level of our being that Deepak Chopra refers to as “intelligence.” The question sent is: “What is the condition of that field?” The patient’s right arm is in an upright position, the practitioner presses it gently. If the arm is weak, that field contains an imbalance and should be noted. If it is strong, that field is healthy. There are two analyses: one focuses on fields that are affected by internal triggers and the other on fields that are affected by external triggers. The field containing the root cause is then determined. The results of the analysis provide a “map” describing the individual’s process at that time.

How is the Arolo Tifar energetic treatment performed?

The energetic treatment is performed by the implementation of the practitioner’s hands directly onto the field containing the root cause of the illness (as determined by the analysis). If that field contains an excess of energy, the surplus is removed. If that field lacks energy, energy is added. The treatment will unblock and release accumulated energies, which may be interfering with the healing process. It will also activate areas that are sluggish or limited in some way. There is no experience necessary to perform this treatment. The Arolo Tifar treatment utilizes one of the most elevated flows of energy available to humanity at this time.

Why is the analysis so important?

The Arolo analysis will enable the individual to more consciously understand the factors, which contributed to his/her illness. The results of the analysis, combined with information received intuitively during the treatment and the individual's own input, enable accurate conclusions to be reached regarding the cause of an illness and the steps necessary for healing to occur.


The Arolo Tifar training consists of four levels:

Arolo I

Participants will learn how to perform the Arolo analysis and how to offer an Arolo treatment through the implementation of their hands. They will learn how to work with the results of the analysis to access essential information regarding the individual's healing process.

There are two attunements (two symbols are received) in the Arolo I workshop. These symbols establish a connection with the divine energy of the Master Healers of Atlantis. The attunements have a strong impact on the receiver, raising his/her level of consciousness as well as enhancing their healing ability.

Review sessions have been organized as a follow-up to the workshops, in order to support Arolo practitioners in training. The review sessions are free of charge.

Upon completion of the workshop all participants will receive detailed documentation and a diploma accredited by the Reiki Association International.

Arolo II

Participants will acquire the ability to test food products, vitamins, herbs, stones, homeopathy, etc. to determine if they are beneficial for an individual. This test will also confirm the correct dosage and the necessary duration (how much/many per day and for how long a period of time). This is a very useful tool for people who work with Bach Flowers, homeopathy or similar products. It is also useful to assist people with establishing a healthy diet.

Participants will expand their knowledge of Arolo by receiving four new symbols which will enable them to: 1) treat all symptomatic fields directly, 2) offer aura cleansings, 3) perform an energy harmonization (for people, rooms, objects and animals) and 4) assist individuals in the midst of a karmic process.

There are two more attunements at this level, which serve to enhance the practitioner's connection to Atlantis and deepen his/her understanding of Arolo Tifar.

Upon completion of the workshop all participants will receive detailed documentation and a diploma accredited by the Reiki Association International.

Master levels:

Tifar I

The practitioner will receive six quartz cubes: one for each of the five fields of the body and a master stone. The practitioner will learn how to perform long distance healings, self-healings, an organ check and much more. Arolo Tifar treatments at this level utilize two crystal stones. There is one more attunement at this level.

Tifar II

The practitioner will receive six amethyst cubes: one for each of the five fields of the body and a master stone. The practitoner will learn how to transmit medicines energetically, alter destructive or dysfunctional thought patterns, offer energy revitalizations and much more. Treatments at this level utilize two quartz stones and two amethyst stones. The four stones create a web of currents (similar to laser beams), which balance and restructure at the individual's core level. There is one more attunement at this level.

After successful completion of the Tifar II workshop, the Arolo practitioner will have accessed the most elevated flow of divine energy a human being is capable of incorporating. He/she will also receive permission to teach Arolo I and Arolo II workshops.

The quartz and amethyst cubes are programmed by E. Strohm according to Atlantean tradition.


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