How was Arolo Tifar rediscovered?

The use of Reiki in Atlantis was apparent (although at that time it was not called Reiki). Yet, there existed another healing method practiced by the Tifars and Lokis (Master Atlantean Healers), which utilized programmed quartz and amethyst cubes in its advanced levels. In 1991 Eckard Strohm rediscovered Arolo Tifar and has since dedicated himself to the instruction and dissemination of this ancient healing method.

What are the differences between Arolo Tifar and Reiki?

The intelligent energy of Reiki finds its way to the root of the malfunction and successfully treats it. It is not necessary for the practitioner to know exactly what is being treated. In this sense, Reiki is passive since the practitioner's main focus is to be a clear channel through which the energy of Reiki may be transmitted. Arolo is the "active" part of Reiki. It is active because it requires the practitioner's participation in discovering the root cause of the illness (i.e. performing the analysis and explaining the results).

A Reiki treatment consists of the implementation of the practitioner's hands onto several different areas of the client's body (depending upon the kind of treatment being offered). A full Reiki session requires approximately 1 hours. The Arolo treatment consists of the implementation of the practitioner's hands onto just one location, the field in which the root cause of the illness is located (as determined by the analysis). The actual Arolo treatment requires approximately hour to 45 minutes.

Arolo Tifar and Reiki may be utilized in the same treatment session. In fact, this is the intention.

Reiki was rediscovered by Dr. Usui in the 19th century and Oswald Wirth. It reached California in 1930 and became known worldwide some 30 years later. Arolo Tifar was rediscovered in 1991 and is just now reaching the United States.

How does the Arolo analysis support a treatment?

Arolo Tifar heals the root cause of the illness, enabling the individual to access vital information regarding factors, which may have caused it. The analysis enables the practitioner to determine the root of the malfunctions as well as to discover what secondary fields are affected. This is vital information upon which the therapy can be based since it serves as a map of the individual at that moment of their healing process.

A case study: Jim (USA) had constant financial difficulties and was living on "survival mode." This made no sense because was extremely qualified in his field of expertise. For many years Jim focused on learning better money management skills, enhanced job training, methods to boost his self confidence, mental discipline techniques, etc. At times his economy began to flow better, then something inevitably interrupted the flow again. The Arolo analysis indicated that the root cause of his problem was in the mental field and the symptoms were in the material field (money, career, etc.). It turned out that Jim's grandparents were immigrants. His grandfather was terrified of not being able to provide his family with the basic needs. Jim's father inherited this fear as well. Jim, in turn, inherited both his father and grandfather's fear of not having enough money. The root factor was the genetic inheritance of a deeply rooted mental fear for survival. The present-day economic crisis perhaps tapped into the genetic fear of not having enough money and re-activated it. If a fear is strong enough, it will actually produce the situation it is hoping to avoid. While treating the mental field, Arolo released the inherited genetic program and the fears contained within it on an energetic level. Within several months Jim was in a new job and financial concerns were no longer an issue for him.

How does information about a karmic process assist an individual?

A karmic process refers to a period of accelerated evolution. A person enters into a karmic process when important areas of hi/her life require healing or change remain unattended over a period of time. For example, a karmic process with the material field affected could indicate that the person's current job is in some way interfering with hi/her evolution. For example, a person who has chosen a career because his/her parents always dreamt of having a son or a daughter who is a lawyer, doctor, military personnel, etc. Or someone who may have chose a career to follow in their father or mother's foot steps. Let's say, however, that this career is not in alignment with that individual's life plan. Karmic processes are very confusing periods since there are often many significant issues simultaneously calling for our attention. The Arolo analysis will give order to this chaos and help to steer the person in the most appropriate direction.

Where is Arolo Tifar currently being offered?

Arolo Tifar workshops are currently available in Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, the Czech Republic, Romania, Belgium, Sweden, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Chile. Information regarding Arolo Tifar has become available in English with the posting of this website.

What is the significance of Atlantis at this time?

Humanity is nearing the end of a 25,920-year cycle. Scientists refer to this cycle as the precession of the equinoxes. The Tibetans and Hindus call it a yuga. Plato named this cycle the Cosmic Year. The Mayans also acknowledge this cycle in their Long Count calendar. It consists of several phases, the most pronounced of which are the awakening (ascending) phase and the falling asleep (descending) phase. At the time of the "sinking" of Atlantis humanity entered into a "falling asleep" phase, a period marked by the loss of consciousness. We are now in the ascending phase of "awakening." The fact that we are currently positioned at a point on the spiral exactly opposite to the fall of Atlantis may indicate that the Atlantean knowledge that has been "sleeping" for 13,000 years is beginning to awaken.




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