What's been written about Atlantis…


The Angels of Atlantis (Los Ángeles de Atlantis), Eckard Strohm, Ediciones Abraxas Barcelona, Spain, 2000

67,000 to 83,000 years before the great flood marked a time when Angels guided humanity. p. 17

There were two essential continents on which existed ancient developed civilizations: Atlantis and Lemuria (also called Mu). p. 17

There were places around the planet where primates were still evolving slowly and naturally until converting themselves into Homo Sapiens. A highly developed spiritual individual was originated in Atlantis due to the direct intervention of the divine forces of creation. The bible symbolically describes this act of creation, the "infusion of the divine breath." p. 17

The Atlanteans lived a long time, about 280 years according to our natural chronology and when they finally died, they realized the conscious act of bringing the physical existence to that of the purely spiritual. There was no place for the extinction of their consciousness. p. 17-19

The initiates, Master Healers (Lokis) cooperated directly with the Angels. p. 19

Atlantis means: the omnipotent upon whom the world rests. p. 19

God himself had his dwelling in the principal temple of the capital. Only the supreme Loki was developed enough to have direct face-to-face contact with God. p. 20

With time people from other places travelled to Atlantis, but their mentality was completely different from that of the Atlanteans. It was impregnated with ideas of fighting and power. These people identified more with the "self." For the Atlanteans the "all" or "one" was much more important. p. 28

These beliefs infected the Atlanteans like a virus. There was a mixing of bloodlines, which often provoked in their descendents, problems of physical malformations or sicknesses. In the beginning the affected people could still be healed, but with the passing of the centuries came the fall of consciousness and they entered into a more material way of life based completely in technology. p. 28

Fear and death were both a consequence of this. p. 28

The initiates had foreseen the pending destruction of Atlantis and transferred their ancient wisdom to other countries to preserve it from "oblivion." Many legends from different cultures speak of Gods (often described as astronauts) who arrived from the sky. These legends allude to the Atlantean initiates who landed in their flying apparatus. p. 28

An unimaginably long time after the sinking of Atlantis, the ancient legacy returned again to be found in a small community located in the land of Palestine (The Essenes) and found its way into the world through the "greatest one" who came out of their ranks: Jesus, the Messiah, largely announced by his prophets. P. 28


The Lost Realms, Zecharia Sitchin, Avon Books New York, 1990

The Boturini Codex (Aztec) explains that the ancestral home of the Aztec tribe was called Aztlan ("white place"). Where Aztlan was located no one can say for certain. One such theory is that it was the legendary Atlantis. p. 27

Tula, México: Four square columns that are believed to have held up the roof of the pyramid's temple and the four colossal humanlike statues more than fifteen feet high, that came to be known as the Atlantes. Whom do these giant statues represent? Popular writers nicknamed them Atlantes, which implied both that they might have been offspring of he Goddess Atlatona, "She who shines in the Seas" and also that they might have come from the legendary Atlantis. p. 59


Galactic Alignment, John Major Jenkins, Bear & Company Rochester Vermont, 2002

In his Timaeus, Plato preserves a legend derived from Egyptian sources of Atlantis, (somewhat mixed with Egyptian prehistory) dating back nine thousand years from the time of his writing. This places the existence of an advanced civilization thriving around the time of 10,500 B.C. p. 113


When Gods Populated the Earth (Cuando Los Dioses Poblaban la Tierra), D'Arbo, Producciones Editoriales Barcelona, Spain, 1978

In the Temple of Sacred Mysteries or the Temple of Uxmal in the Yucatan, one can read an inscription that says: "This temple is a commemorative monument dedicated to the memory of Mu, the place of origin of our mysteries." This same inscription or similar ones can be found in other important monuments such as the pyramid at Xochicalco, also in Lhasa the sacred capital of Tibet. p. 76

The civilization that inhabited Mu was a solar civilization (gave extraordinary importance to the sun). Other solar civilizations are: Mayas, Aztec, Incas, and Egyptians. p. 77


The Mayan Prophecies, Adrian G. Gilbert and Maurice Cotterell, Element, Rockport Maine, 1996

Regarding the Aztec empire: Don Carlos de Següenza, a professor of Mathematics at the University of México and a keen astronomer believed that they came from the mythical island of Atlantis, and that they were the race responsible for building the pyramids at Teotihuacan. p. 12

Abbé Brasseur de Bourbourg believed that a great island continent, Atlantis, had once extended from the Gulf of Mexico to the Canary Islands. The Maya, so he thought, were descendents from survivors of a great cataclysm, which had engulfed that continent. He proposed that, "survivors of Atlantis brought culture to Egypt as well as to Central America." p. 21

The last books of Plato, Critias and Timaeus were told to Solon the great lawgiver of Athens, when he paid a visit to Saüs in Egypt. "You (the Athenians) remember only one deluge though there have been many…you and your fellow citizens are descendants from the survivors that remained, but you know nothing about it because so many succeeding generations left no record in writing." According to Plato's account there was once a great island continent in the middle of what is now the Atlantic Ocean. "there were earthquakes and floods of extraordinary violence, and in a single dreadful day and night the island of Atlantis was swallowed by the sea and vanished. This is why the sea in that area to this day is impassable to navigation, which is hindered by mud just below the surface, the remains of the sunken island. p. 166-167

Being that Plato's account was written in c. 350 BC, we must be looking for a date of at least 9500 BC. p. 166-167

Atlas, as we have seen, was the king of Atlantis. Atlas was described in Greek mythology as "an enormous giant, who stood upon the western confines of the earth, and supported the heavens on his shoulders, in a region of the west where the sun continued to shine after it had set upon Greece." p. 170

Plato tells us that Atlantis and the Atlantic Ocean were named after Atlas, the eldest son of Poseidon, the founder of the Kingdom. p. 170

An Atlas mountain on the shores of Africa, an Atlyn town on the shores of America, the Atlantes living along the north and west shores of Africa, the Aztec people from Aztlan, in Central America, an ocean rolling between the two worlds called the Atlantic, a mythical deity called Atlas holding the world on his shoulders and an immemorial tradition of an island Atlantis. Ignatius Donnelly asks, "Can all these things be an accident?" p. 170

Otto Muck, in his book, The Secrets of Atlantis, looking at a map of the world claims, "the fact that whereas the outlines of the continents of South America and Africa fit together almost perfectly, those that fringed the North Atlantic clearly did not. It was not possible to make the continents fringing the north Atlantic fit unless an extra piece were added to the jigsaw puzzle. He asserted that it had been brought about by the sudden impact of an asteroid's hitting the earth in that region of the Atlantic. p. 172

Edgar Cayce, "The Sleeping Prophet" p. 173-177

His depiction on Atlantis: is that of an advanced civilization that fell prey to temptation. In words that seem curiously applicable to the present, he traces a way that the technologically advanced civilization (apparently with aeroplanes, lasers, and other modern machinery) turned its back on God and immersed itself in the delights of materialism. Then in a series of cataclysms brought on by the Atlanteans misuse of natural forces, their island paradise erupted and was consigned, as Plato recounts, to the depths of the Atlantic Ocean. p. 175

Not all the Atlanteans died when their native lands went under the waves. Many escaped by boats, whereas others - in anticipation of what was to happen - had already moved overseas. They mostly went to the lands bordering the Atlantic: North Africa (Libya), Spain, Portugal, France and Britain. According to Cayce, Atlantean settlers did go to both Egypt and, significantly, to Central America. p. 175

Some of their technology included the ability to raise large rocks and build pyramids. p. 176

In Genesis it is said that Noah's Ark settled on Mount Aratat and that he had three sons, Shem, Ham and Japet, the progenitors of three races. If we equate Noah with Osiris (according to Cayce an immigrant from the Mount Aratat region), then his biblical sons can be seen to be the three founding races of Egypt: the red-skinned Atlanteans, the white Ararations, and the black Egyptians. p. 176

The survivors of the lost continent brought with them records relating to their earlier history. These, said Cayce, were carefully buried in a secret chamber somewhere near the Great Sphinx. A second set of these records was taken, he said, to be buried somewhere in the Yucatan area of Mexico. p. 176-177

It is possible to postulate that the sinking of Atlantis was more a rising of the sea, brought about by the melting of ice sheets as the last ice age came to an end in c. 10,500 BC. p. 208

Cayce prophesied that Atlantis would rise again. The process he said would be gradual, beginning in 1968-9. He made this prophecy on June 28, 1940. p. 208

"A portion of he temples of Atlantis may yet be discovered under the slime of ages of sea water, near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida." In 1968 some strange submarine ruins were indeed discovered off the coast of Bimini Atoll, in the very area he said they would be. p. 208

He said, "when the time was right a secret chamber would be found in Bimini." He also said, "two similar chambers would be found elsewhere - one near the sphinx and one among the ruins of Iltars temple in the Yucatan." p. 209

The Egyptians themselves spoke of the founding of their kingdom at some period in the remote past which they called Tep Zepi: the First Time. They regarded this time as having been a golden age when the gods fraternized with men. p. 209


The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life Volume I, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Light Technology Publishing Flagstaff Arizona, 1990

There were ten cities in Atlantis when it fell. You can see those records in the Troano Document (now in the British Museum) according to LePlogeon, the French historian who translated it: "In the year 6 Kan on the 11th of Muluc in the month Zak (Mayan) there occurred terrible earthquakes which continued without interruption until the 13th Chin. It suddenly disappeared during one night, the basin being continually shaken by volcanic forces. Being confined, these caused the land to sink and to rise several times and in various places. Ten countries were torn asunder and scattered, unable to withstand the forces of the convulsions. They sank with their 64 million inhabitants." p. 97-98

Regarding the end-times of Atlantis. The Martians built the building in Atlantis, set up the whole experiment (Mer-ka-ba), then threw their switch to begin the energy flow. Almost immediately they lost control of the experiment. This out of control Mer-ka-ba field, first of all, released a huge number of lower-dimensional spirits into rather higher dimensional planes. These spirits were forced into a world they did not understand or know, and were in total fear. They had to live - they had to have bodies - so they went right into people. The Atlanteans could not stop them from entering their bodies. This was probably the biggest catastrophe Earth has ever seen. p. 103

Red, white and black were the primary architectural colors of Atlantis. p. 116

The remaining 1067 or so ascended masters lifted the warship off the Great Pyramid and flew it to a place now called Lake Titicaca, where they landed on the island of the Sun (in Bolivia). Toth got off there along with about a third of the people and then they flew again to the Himalayan mountains, where Aragot got off with the remaining third of the people. p. 116

Prior to Egypt, during Atlantis, existed The Nacaal Mystery School headed by Ay and Tiya and a thousand members from Lemuria. It was located on the island of Udal, north of the mainland. They were trying to teach the Atlanteans how to become immortal. The only thing is, either they weren't very good teachers then, or the people just couldn't get it, because it took 20-30,000 years before one person finally achieved the immortal state. The first person to achieve the immortal state of being was Osiris, who was not Egyptian, but Atlantean. He was he first resurrected master of Atlantis. p. 131

The national flower of Atlantis was the Lotus. It was the Nacaals who brought the lotus to India. The Nacaals are written about in Indian Sanskrit writings. p. 137

Atlanteans, because of the way their brain functioned, had complete memory. They remembered everything that ever happened to them. And their memory was transpersonal, which means that anything one person remembered, the others in their race could remember. The aborigines in Australia have this type of memory right now. It is a full-tilt D holographic memory. Obviously, in that kind of culture the Atlanteans had no reason to right anything down. p. 132


Myth and Reality of Atlantis (Mito y Realidad de la Atlántida), Ernesto Baron L., Centro de Estudio de Antropología Gnóstica Spain, 1990

Atlas carries the earth globe on his shoulders and represents the living force. In pre-Columbian America there existed a text called the Codex Borgia, in which one finds the figure of an Olmec called Atlanteotl, a being of great strength who held, the same as the Greek Atlas, the world or base of the earth and all that it envelopes. p. 27

The kings of the Iliad and the Odyssey, written by Homer in the VII century BC, lived in Atlantis. p. 45

Dr. Samael Aun Weor said, "the tribes of Anáhuac (Mexico) like all the other Indo-American tribes came from Atlantis and not from the north." p. 51

Atlantis was present in North America and its direct descendents were the red earths: the Grand Canyon, Arizona, and New Mexico. These groups were wise in a great way and followed the traditions of their father Atlanteans, the same as the Aztecs, Toltecs, Olmecs, Mayans, many pre-Columbian indigenous groups as well as the Apache, Sioux, Cheyenne, Comanche, Navajos and Red Skins. p. 55

In reality the civilization of Atlantis was formed by seven great islands which not only included the Atlantic Ocean but other lands such as Mexico, Egypt, the island of Crete, the high parts of Tibet, part of South America, Peru, Bolivia, the Iberian peninsula, British Islands, India and the powerful Phoenicia. p. 55

Dr. Samael Aun Weor believed, "ancient traditions confirm that the Atlanteans had a metal more precious than gold and this was the famous orichalcum." P. 103

Dr. Samael Aun Weor claimed that such a race had a civilization thousands of times more powerful than our own. With regard to transplants, they transplanted livers, kidneys and hearts and even achieved brain transplants. p. 108

In the field of nuclear physics - all the cities were illuminated with atomic light, the fields were illuminated by nuclear energy and their houses by atomic energy. p. 108

With regards to air navigation, they had ships more powerful than today's, true flying ships propelled by nuclear energy. Trips to the moon were realized better than those realized today. p. 108

We don't doubt that for them (Atlanteans) the management of Tattwas or energetic forces of nature, was a part of their development in life. p. 111

There are still secret caves in the Himalayas where certain mechanical apparatus are hidden that can transmit knowledge telepathically to anyone so desired. p. 117

The Atlanteans also learned how to use solar energy. Not just scientists, they were also wizards. They knew well the elementals of fire, air, water and earth. For them the elementals of nature, those that children's fairy tales call fairies and salamanders were an absolute reality. They still possessed the sense of clairvoyance. They could see not only the third dimension, but also the fourth, fifth, sixth and even the seventh. p. 117

A revolution of the earth's axis came, the beds of the sea changed and the Atlantic swallowed Atlantis. p. 131

We have encountered ample documentation that in antiquity there existed men-giants of whom many lived for hundreds of years. For example: Mahalabel died at age 895: Jared at 962 and Enoch at 365. p. 135

We remember the Mayan-Atlanteans, who followed their (Atlantean) precepts, the Egyptians, and their great civilization that still surprises us today, the Phoenicians, Red Skins, Aztecs and Hindus all groups that conserve the mysterious secrets of Atlantis. p. 215